Welcome! My name is Francesco Iacono. I am postdoctoral fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge. My broad research interests range from Mediterranean archaeology, cultural heritage (with a specific attention to notions of 'difficult heritage'), social theory (with a particular focus on Marxism and anthropology), approaches to material culture, history of archaeology in Europe and the complex relationship between this discipline, the past and politics.

My doctoral research concluded at the Institute of Archaeology, UCL and for which I have been funded by the AHRC and by the British School at Athens, is an original study of interaction in the Late Bronze Age southern Adriatic, including both the Italian and Balkan side of the sea. This has by now been published in a number of articles (a monograph on the same is also in preparation). Together with Riccardo Guglielmino of the University of Salento I am concluding the publication of the pottery from the site of Roca in Apulia where the largest assemblage of Aegean type (Mycenaean) ceramics ever recovered west of Greece has been unearthed.

I am married and my wife Suela works at the Albanian National Archive. We have a little fellow named Pietro:

In these pages you will find some information about my research as well as various topics related to my interests.